An Intro to Peculiar Channels

Posted in > ANALYSIS by David on July 27, 2011

One of the more powerful aspects of the traditional ‘weird’ tale is the otherworldly sense of mystery evoked by never providing a clear picture to indicate the source of terror or sublimity.

Peculiar Channels – A Psychical Serial,  attempts to capture this feeling, isolating the elements left over from narrative film adaptations and heightening them to create atmospheric short films that focus on critical encounters with the anomalous and unknown. These animations are hosted by The Eyeless Owl, an experimental online journal of consciousness studies and mythopoesis.

The Eyeless Owl presents…

Peculiar Channels – A Psychical Serial:

Asemic pulp fiction from the celestial edge, a vigorous alchemical marriage of sound and image. These are Neo-Platonic narratives of love and strife, aetheric sci-fi seances leaking out from the borders of Ghostland.

Enjoy the following selections from the ongoing series, or browse the entire collection here.

Saturn – The Dweller

Lights on the Prairie

We Always Find Those We Want