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“We are ultimately responsible for reality itself, a consequence of our thoughts, words, and actions. So it is about the power and battle of consciousness, our relationship with the Grand Engineer, and our responsibilities for what the future will contain.”

— Joseph McMoneagle, The Ultimate Time Machine – A Remote Viewer’s Predictions for the New Millennium (Hampton Roads Publishing, 1998)


As social isolation becomes a new reality for many around the world, there is a rare opportunity to deepen our experience of human psychic potential – both in applied practice of psychic modalities and in the study of current and historical research trends. By accessing our super natural potentials, to use a term coined by Rice University religious studies scholar Dr. Jeffrey Kripal, we have a much better chance at overcoming the trials that lie ahead.

For your convenience, we’ve gathered a short list of links to online learning material presented by some of the leading organizations involved in parapsychological and psychical research. Rather than ‘Netflix and Chill,’ perhaps consider allotting a bit of time in your week for engaging with some of these resources.

Dealing, as they do with the intimate connection between inner and outer space and experience they can provide a helpful starting point in developing more holistic understandings of what it means to be ‘human’ in our collective age.

The majority of resources included in our list are provided free of charge by their host organizations – as you enjoy them, if you are able, please think of sending a small donation to the sponsoring orgs. Funding for this research is a concern at the best of times, and our support helps ensure the continuation of organized research in these areas during the current economic turbulence.

We will be setting up a permanent link to this collection on the right hand margin of the blog – so if you notice that we are missing a key organization, please drop us a note in the comments and we will look into adding it to the list.

Note: For this particular supplemental guide we have focused mainly on video and audio related content, along with webinars and online courses – most of the organizations featured in this list also offer text based and archival resources for more in depth reading and study.


“…screen culture has replaced the sacred books of the past as the new medium of the divine.”

– Dr. Diana Pasulka, The Power of None (Tank Magazine, 2020)


The Rhine Research Center

The Rhine Research Center explores the frontiers of consciousness and exceptional human experiences in the context of unusual and unexplained phenomena.  The Rhine’s mission is to advance the science of parapsychology, to provide education and resources for the public, and to foster a community for individuals with personal and professional interest in PSI.

The Rhine Video Library is a unique resource that contains over 100 videos of speakers who have come to the Rhine to talk about parapsychology, scientific research, psi experiences, anthropology, history, and many other topics!

“We are all looking for answers. The Rhine has opened our Video Library (normally only available to Rhine members) to help you to find hope and learn more about the connections between all of us.”

– John G. Kruth, Executive Director of the Rhine Research Center and Founder of the Rhine Education Center


Every quarter the Rhine Research Center offers professional parapsychology courses online to provide students with continuing education by professional instructorsCheck their website for upcoming courses:



The Windbridge Institute

39821303_10156621769151670_6585992453294129152_nFounded in 2008 by husband and wife research team, Mark Boccuzzi and Julie Beischel, PhD, The Windbridge Institute, LLC, is dedicated to conducting world-class research on phenomena currently unexplained within traditional scientific frameworks.

Research suggests that people who meditate regularly score higher on psi (a.k.a. “psychic”) tests than those who don’t meditate. To help explore this idea, the Windbridge Institute has been developing software and hardware tools that 1) help promote meditative and mindfulness practices and 2) help test changes in intuitive ability over time.


The Windbridge Research Center

The mission of the Windbridge Research Center is to ease suffering around dying, death, and what comes next by performing rigorous scientific research and sharing the results and other customized content with the general public, clinicians (like medical and mental health professionals), scientists (like researchers and philosophers), and practitioners (like mediums).

Windbridge has a great collection of videos related to their research and additional externally produced videos on similar topics of interest.



The Parapsychology Foundation

The Parapsychology Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation which provides a worldwide forum supporting the scientific investigation of psychic phenomena. Since its incorporation in 1951, the Parapsychology Foundation has remained committed to two goals: To support scientific and academic research into psychic phenomena; and to provide professional resources and information to the academic and lay communities.

The PF’s YouTube channel features a wide range of content featuring leading scientists and researchers exploring a wide range of topics related to psi functioning:



The ParaMOOC Series features archived videos from the Parapsychology: Research and Education course offered by The Alvarado Zingrone Institute of Research and Education (The AZIRE), a Parapsychology Foundation member organization.

The course series is dedicated to bringing to the public lectures by researchers, theorists, and scholars who focus on some aspect of the scientific study of psychic phenomena and related topics.



The Society for Psychical Research

The Society for Psychical Research was set up in London in 1882, the first scientific organisation ever to examine claims of psychic and paranormal phenomena. We hold no corporate view about their existence or meaning; rather, our purpose is to gather information and foster understanding through research and education.

In 2014, work started on the Psi Encyclopedia, a free-access online encyclopedia of psychical research. The resource currently includes over a hundred articles – new items are being added. It’s intended that the core areas of the Society’s research will have been comprehensively covered by 2020.


The SPR’s YouTube channel features a number of conference presentations from leading researchers in the field:



The Society for Scientific Exploration

Since 1982, the Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, has provided a critical forum for sharing original research into conventional and unconventional topics. Subjects often cross mainstream boundaries, yet may have profound implications for human knowledge and technology. We publish a peer-reviewed journal, the popular EdgeScience magazine, host conferences, and connect scholars.

The SSE has uploaded videos of hundreds of original research talks from SSE conferences:



“In computer conferencing, time and distance are dissolved. Visual cues no longer exist. Each person’s ‘memory’ of what has been said is accurate and complete. And everyone may speak at once or listen at leisure. With such features, it is not surprising that computer conferencing might actually establish an altered state of communication in which the realities of face-to-face communication are distorted and entirely new patterns of interaction emerge.”

Jacques Vallee, Robert Johansen and Kathleen Spangler, The Computer Conference: An Altered State of Communication? (Peoples Computers, 1977)


The Parapsychological Association

The Parapsychological Association, Inc. (PA) is the international professional organization of scientists and scholars engaged in the study of ‘psi’ (or ‘psychic’) experiences, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, remote viewing, psychokinesis, psychic healing, and precognition.

The PA has uploaded a significant selection of videos featuring presentations from their annual convention:



The University of Virginia Division of Perceptual Studies

Through its research, DOPS strives to challenge this entrenched mainstream view by rigorously evaluating empirical evidence suggesting that consciousness survives death and that mind and brain are distinct and separable.

The UVA Division of Perceptual Studies has put together a collection of videos, podcasts and other resources related to their work:



El Instituto de Psicología Paranormal

El propósito del E-Boletín Psi® es brindar información confiable en el ámbito de la investigación parapsicológica en Argentina y de otros países, publicar estudios llevados a cabo basados en metodologías cuantitativas, cualitativas, ensayos teóricos, históricos, metodológicos, comentarios de libros (a cargo de Jorge Villanueva) de autores hispano-parlantes y traducciones del inglés y otros idiomas.



The Institute of Noetic Sciences

The mission of the Institute of Noetic Sciences is to reveal the interconnected nature of reality through scientific exploration and personal discovery, creating a more compassionate, thriving, and sustainable world.

ION’s has curated a number of videos focused on their primary program areas of consciousness and healing, extended human capacities, and emerging worldviews – including archived videos from past webinar series that they’ve hosted:



The Koestler Parapsychology Unit – University of Edinburgh

Established in 1985, the KPU is based in the Psychology Department at the University of Edinburgh, and focuses on teaching and researching parapsychology.

KPU is offering an upcoming eleven-week online course, designed and led by Prof Caroline Watt, involving contributions from the world’s leading parapsychologists and skeptics.

The course will teach you about the methods parapsychologists use, the results of ESP and PK research, the psychology of paranormal beliefs and experiences, and how to think critically about the paranormal.



New Thinking Allowed

This long running series offers conversations on the leading edge of knowledge and discovery with parapsychologist Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D.

The videos in this collection feature interviews and monologues (as well as occasional archival material). Guests include leading figures in philosophy, psychology, health, science, and spirituality — with a healthy and respectful emphasis on parapsychology.



The University of Alternative Studies

UAS provides tuition-free online academic studies in scientific parapsychology:


For further study they also offer a free Classification and Statistical Manual of Extrasensory Experiences (CSM-EE) focusing on classification of extrasensory experiences (i.e. telepathy, clairvoyance, mediumship, precognition, synchronistic events, etc.) with associated criteria designed to facilitate more reliable classification. CSM-EE assists in identifying like experiences that are similar in phenomenology, but otherwise widely differ in narrative due to culture, language, and religious/spiritual belief.


For those currently holding graduate degrees they also offer a degree program in Clinical Parapsychology. This is a 17 course Master’s of Science Second-Degree Program in cutting-edge education prepares the student for clinical work and research concerning extrasensory experiences and phenomena.



The Forever Family Foundation

The FFF Afterlife Education series offers a place to learn about the science behind afterlife research through the work of Forever Family Foundation. As a not for profit organization our goal is to further the understanding of Afterlife Science through research and education while providing support and healing for people in grief.



“EVP – stands for the Electronic Voice Phenomenon.  And that refers to the recording of voices, speaking – for which there is no known cause.  The voices shouldn’t be there. Apparently.

These voices are recorded using electronic equipment – computers, recorders – but the voices should not be there – there is no reason for them.

The easy way out – at least for the non-scientific person – is to simply deny that these voices exist.”

– Alexander MacRae, The Mystery of EVP – Scientific Proof (Smashwords Edition, 2020)


Association of Trans-Communication

The Association TransCommunication (ATransC) was founded by Sarah Estep in 1982 as the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena (AA-EVP). Her objective was to “provide objective evidence that we survive physical death in our individual conscious state.” The ATransC website, currently moderated by Tom Butler, contains a wealth of resources and archival material to explore EVP, ITC and related modalities.




Since 2008 iDigitalMedium (Formerly known as “ITC Bridge”) has been on the forefront pioneering live streams in Instrumental Transcommunication.


The first live stream began around October of 2008 and featured live filtered radio and live spectrograph images (faces) from that same experiment radio. It streamed for a year and ceased in November 2019 during a move to Florida. During this time there were weekly “circles” where participants around the world “sat” remotely for phenomenon.



The Monroe Institute

Founded by consciousness explorer Robert Monroe, TMI is a dynamic education and research organization dedicated to supporting the evolution and exploration of human consciousness.



The International Academy of Consciousness

IAC’s mission is to provide assistance by clarifying the multidimensional nature of consciousness and the implications associated with this reality. We accomplish this through our main activities of scientific research paired with classes and workshops aimed at the public.


IAC’s free Astral Travel and Consciousness Webinar provides an overview of who we are and what we do, including what the Out-of-Body Experience is, how it works, and how you can have one



The International Remote Viewing Association

IRVA is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the responsible use and development of remote viewing. We are an independently formed member organization of scientists, remote viewing professionals, students, and other interested persons.

The IRVA Remote Viewing Library has a small collection of video clips related to Remote Viewing:



Remote Viewing Instructional Services, Inc.

The Target Vault is a service offered by Remote Viewing Instructional Services, Inc. and Paul H. Smith. It consists of a cumulative set of remote viewing practice targets that anyone, no matter what methodology or level of skill, will find useful for enhancing their basic remote viewing skills.



The Applied Precognition Project

APP’s mission is to publicly explore, research and apply logic and intuition/emotion to predict future event outcomes, enabling participants to evolve personally while contributing to the elevation of global consciousness.

The APP website has a link collection to videos and podcasts featuring key members:

As well as a collection of YouTube videos collected from their regular series of free webinars:


“In reality the psychic persona of us all is much greater than labs or science yet have the courage to admit to. ” – Ingo Swann, Anacalypsis – A Psychic Autobiography




This Psi in the News Supplemental Guide is a service brought to you by the Liminal Analytics: Applied Research Collaborative – with a focus on COLLABORATIVE – if you have suggestions for resources that you would like to see featured please feel free to get in touch with us using the contact link in the sidebar.




Liminal Analytics: Psi in the News 10.1.19

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“Once precognition hits the higher-end markets – governments, investment banking – the estimates will go up by an order of magnitude…”

— Dr. Julia Mossbridge, commenting on the estimated $2 Billion market for psychic services in the U.S.


– Psi in the News –

“The Climate Strike on Sept 20 brought millions together in cities around the world. The Global Consciousness Project network joined in as well. This is a picture of the data for the full UTC day. Very steady departure from random expectation.”



Epiphanies of the Mind with Dr. Jeffrey Kripal (Midnight in the Desert):

Psychic Future: What Next for the Precognition Economy (The Guardian):

Advice for the Psychic from Eileen Garrett (Parapsychology Foundation):

Finding the root of consciousness: Is this brain cell your ‘mind’s eye’? (Neuroscience News):

Can we manipulate our sleep? (BBC):

He Saw the Scientific Promise in the Paranormal, But Now His Legacy Could Be Lost (Washington Post):

Premonitions, Presentiments and Dreams with Eric Wargo, author of Time Loops – Precognition, Retrocausation, and the Unconscious (Shattered Reality Podcast):

Animal Magnetism – A Selected Bibliography of Articles (Parapsychology – News, History, Research):

Mitch Horowitz asks, Can ESP Help Explain How Thoughts Make Things Happen? (HarvBishop.com):

Thirteen SSE Conference Videos on Subtle Energy (Society for Scientific Exploration):

Through Mediums Never Before Considered – Psychotronics, Spiritual Services and the Analog Internet (Liminal Analytics):

Exploring the Afterlife in the Space Between Sleep and Awake (Robert Moss Blog):

Longer Exhalations Are An Easy Way to Hack Your Vagus Nerve (Psychology Today):


– Papers, Book Reviews and Journal Issues of Note –

Policing Epistemic Deviance: Albert vonSchrenck-Notzing and Albert Moll (Academia.edu):

E-Bulletin of the Argentinian Instituto de Psicologia Paranormal:


– Upcoming Events –

September 30th-October 1st, 2019 – The Fourth Transpersonal Research Colloquium will be help in Paris, France – this year’s theme is Engaging the Transformative Dimensions of Consciousness in Research:

October 1st, 2019 – The Gallery of Everything in London will host an artist talk and London book launch for Shannon Taggart’s new book, SÉANCE:

October 1st, 2019 – The University of Edinburgh will host Dr. Caroline Watt (Koestler) for a talk on Investigating the Impossible – Paranormal Communication (Edinburgh, U.K.):

October 2nd-5th, 2019 – The Academy of Spirituality and Consciousness Studies will host their annual PSI CON conference, this year the theme of the event is Aspects of Consciousness:

You can download the conference program here:

The full event schedule is available here:

October 4th, 2019 – The Rhine Research Center is hosting Sarah Gewanter for a presentation on Hypnosis: A Powerful Method of Mind Training:

October 4th-6th, 2019 – Omega will host a workshop focusing on the theme of Real Magic – Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science (Rhinebeck, NY):

October 5th, 2019 – The Rhine Research Center is hosting Sarah Gewanter for a training seminar focusing on how to Train and Open your Mind to the Benefits of Self-Hypnosis:

October 9th, 2019 – The SPR will host a Discussion Forum focusing on Reincarnation Reports in the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research:

October 12th, 2019 – The Cambridge Consciousness Forum will host Near Death Experiences, Spiritual Transformation and the Evolution of Consciousness (Cambridge, U.K.):

October 16th, 2019 – Seance Stories: Lecture and Book Signing with Shannon Taggart (Brooklyn, NY):

October 17th, 2019 – Seance Stories: Spiritualism and Mediums Tour with Shannon Taggart (Brooklyn, NY):

October 18th, 2019 – The Applied Precognition Program will host APP Fest 2019 – focusing on Small group Associate Remote Viewing and Psycho-Kinesis training:

(NEW) October 19th, 2019 – The Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry, the Historical Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Royal Institution will host a celebration of past President of the Royal Society of London, William Crookes (1832-1919):

October 22nd, 2019 – Funzing Talks will host Christopher French for a Skeptic’s Guide to the Paranormal (London, U.K.):

October 25th-27th, 2019 – The Pacifica Graduate Institute will host a three day retreat focused on Imagination and Technology (Santa Barbara, California):

November 1st-3rd, 2019 – The Scientific and Medical Network will host the Beyond the Brain conference at the University of Westminster:

November 8th, 2019 – The Rhine Research Center is hosting Debra Diamond for a discussion on What Really Happens in the Afterlife? Lessons from the End of Life and Beyond:

November 9th-10th, 2019 – The British Union of Spiritist Societies will host the 7th British Congress on Medicine and Spirituality:

November 15th, 2019 – The American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences will host their 2019 Conference in Atlanta, Georgia:

November 18th, 2019 – The New York Academy of Sciences will host a conference focusing on What Happens When We Die?: Insights from Resuscitation Science:

March 20th-22nd, 2020 – The International Remote Viewing Association will be celebrating their 20th year with a 2020 conference at the South Point Hotel, Las Vegas. Details will be posted as they become available.



Professional Education in Parapsychology
For the Professional Researcher or the Casual Explorer.


– Research Requests, Announcements and Calls for Papers –

The Yale COPE (Influence/Control Over Perceptual Experiences) Project is looking for participants for a study focusing on experiences like hearing voices and seeing things other people don’t with the goal of designing new treatments for individuals to gain empowerment in voice-hearing and other perceptual experiences.


Call for Papers – The journal of Culture and Organization is welcoming submissions on the theme of Ghosts in the Organization. Deadline for papers is February 1st, 2020.


The Institute of Noetic Science is inviting participants to join in a qualitative study focused on Assessing Your Noetic Signature.

For more information: https://www.research.net/r/Noetic_Signature_Q

Call for Submissions – The Mindfield Bulletin, published by the Parapsychological Association, is actively seeking contributions of articles, news announcements, new books, and references to articles relevant to parapsychology in the journals of various fields.

For more information and upcoming topics that Mindfield will focus on:

The Society for Psychical Research is seeking a new Editor for the SPR’s Journal. From the SPR –

“Those wishing to be considered should send a CV that includes particular reference to academic research expertise and any experience of journal editing and reviewing and a short (up to 500 words) personal statement that outlines why the applicant would be a suitable candidate. Applications or enquiries should be sent by the closing date of 31st August 2019, to Prof. Bernard Carr, Chair, Education and Publicity Committee, The Society for Psychical Research, 1 Vernon Mews, London, W14 0RL, or emailed tojournal@spr.ac.uk “


The Insitute of Noetic Sciences is seeking participants who are 55+ years old and currently reside in the United States for an internet-based meditation study for older adults experiencing symptoms of depression – Integrative Restoration (iRest-Phase 3):

The Institute of Noetic Sciences is seeking participants for their Exceptional Healers Pilot Study. This pilot research study takes place at the Institute of Noetic Sciences campus in Petaluma, CA. Study activities consists of 2 visits, three weeks apart, to complete the healing session and biometric tests.

Volunteers Needed – Researchers at the University of Derby’s School of Human Sciences are conducting a study about remote viewing — participants can take part in the study in person (at the University of Derby campus on Kedleston Road ) or online. The experiment will attempt to use remote viewing to try to describe the location of a specific ‘missing’ person.

The Templeton World Charity is inviting proposals for inter-disciplinary research that will work towards Accelerating Research on Consciousness:

For those ages 55-90, if you have symptoms of depression or other mood disorders, and you’d like to try an experimental meditation smartphone app being developed by the Institute of Noetic Sciences as a treatment, please go to this survey to see if you’re eligible for the study:

The Estate of Ingo Swann has posted an ‘open invitation to anyone who experiences dreams, premonitions, visions about future events‘ to participate in The Prophecy Project database initiative to create a ‘central prophecy registry‘:

Have you had a premonition experience that foretells an important future event? If so, you can describe and register your premonition with Psychic Science.

On submitting your information to our Premonitions Register, we will timestamp and record your premonition for future reference and verification. We will also email you a copy of your premonition as registered in our database.



–  Videos  –

Ecological Awareness and the Paranormal | Jack Hunter (New Thinking Allowed):

Visual Categorization of Images of Live/Deceased Faces by Intuitive Individuals | Arnaud Delorme (Parapsychological Association):

Remembering Alex Tanous with Archival Video and Loyd Auerbach (New Thinking Allowed):

Exception Experiences and Integrative and Complementary Health Approaches | Renaud Evrard (Parapsychological Association):


Conversations with Ghosts – Callum Cooper (New Thinking Allowed):


– Featured Image –

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 12.00.07 AM.png

ESP research pioneer J.B Rhine – Illustration by Tim Botta


– Featured Sounds –

“Fortune teller, I’ve crossed your palm with silver, now work your magic of old…”


– Upcoming Books –


Believing in Bits- Digital Media and the Supernatural, eds. Simone Natale and Diana Pasulka (Available October 1st from Oxford University Press, 2019):


Seance, by Shannon Taggart, with a Foreword by Dan Akyroyd, contextual essays from Andreas Fischer and Tony Oursler, and an introduction and stories from Shannon herself. (Forthcoming from Fulgur Press, 2019):


–  Doctor’s Advice –

“The ultimate goal of experimental research is to convert the paranormal into technology. If psi is converted to technology, the mysterious, mystical, spiritual aspects will be lost. The message from the trickster is that converting psi to technology is not going to happen.” – James E. Kennedy, Coming to Terms with the Trickster


A GoFundMe page has been set up to provide support for Dr. Stanley Krippner in light of Saybrook University’s termination of his employment.

For more information: https://www.gofundme.com/f/support-for-dr-stanley-krippner


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Through Mediums Never Before Considered – Psychotronics, Spiritual Services and the Analog Internet

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71PizkqBOXL.jpg“The field of study known formerly as parapsychology is undergoing a massive renovation, extending to all its ranks, its procedural methodology and its accumulated literature. The renewal of the discipline, now called psychotronics, overlays a new technical-physical dimension on an earlier philosophical-psychological conception. The field embraces the study of many of the psychophysical phenomena discussed throughout most of this issue of Impact of Science on Society.” – Zdenek Rejdak, Psychotronics: the state of the art in UNESCO Impact of Science on Society, Volume XXIV, No. 4 / October-December 1974 (1)

1974 was a banner year for psi research.

In 1974 Unesco issues Vol. 24, No. 4 of their periodical Impact of Science on Society – this particular issue focuses heavily on ‘the parasciences’ with special emphasis on psychotronics – “the science of mind-body-environment relationships, an interdisciplinary science concerned with the interactions of matter, energy, and consciousness.” (2,3)

In 1974 G. Putnam and Sons publish Psychic Exploration: A Challenge for Science, an anthology edited by Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell collecting papers from some of the time period’s key researchers in parapsychology and consciousness studies – defining an agenda for research that continues to hold relevance into the 21st century.

1974 is also the year that Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ publish an article in Nature titled Information Transfer Under Conditions of Sensory Shielding, outlining results from their early remote viewing research at the Stanford Research Institute. (4)

For our purposes here – 1974 is notable as the year that the Old Farmer’s Almanac releases their 182nd Anniversary Edition celebrating nearly two centuries of continuous publication. Awhile back I picked up a copy of the 1974 edition at a local thrift store hoping to take a look at the tenor of a time when so much was stirring in the collective psyche in relation to psychic functioning – and after a previous post exploring a copy of the 2020 edition I became curious as to how the two compare in terms of spiritual service ads. (5)

What I discovered was rather surprising.

1974’s edition of the Old Farmer’s Almanac offers ads for computer aided astrology, Telecult Powers, The Ancient and Mystical Order Rosæ Crucis, strange prophecies, superconscious powers, dowsing for buried treasure, and a full front page advertisement for the Universe Book Club Inner Circle – an organization that offers in other advertisements, “a deeper understanding of life through the psychic sciences. ESP. Prophecy. Astrology. Telepathy. The Supernatural…the best in occult books from all publishers at average savings of 50%.”(6) – each of these speak to the popularity of the occult sciences when the almanac was published – and that’s before we even get to the classified section!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Once we hit the classifieds we find a number of ads for dreambooks, occult directories, occult books, fortune telling cards, herbs, lodestones, incense and more:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What we don’t find- outside of perhaps the fortune telling cards, lodestones and herbs – are advertisements written from the specific perspective of American folk magic traditions such as conjure, rootwork or classic spiritual work.

Screen Shot 2019-09-29 at 7.10.50 PM.png

In fact many of the ads – especially the Astro-Profile ad featuring a one year horoscope ‘prepared with an IBM computer’ – seem to follow closer to the theme of the Impact journal,  “(overlaying) a new technical-physical dimension on an earlier philosophical-psychological conception.” One might argue that the dowsing rods are a traditional form – but we encounter them here advertised as a ‘directional locator,’ with the marketing copy overlaying a technical-physical interpretation on an older practice.

Prior to seeing the 2020 edition this wouldn’t have struck me as particularly odd – however, when we look at the 2020 Old Farmer’s Almanac we find that most of the advertisements aimed at the spiritual service market use language directly drawn from conjure and rootwork practices or language centered around psychic services as popularized by the late 20th century psychic hotlines:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is in stark contrast to the 1974 edition, which has full page ads for occult material throughout and includes occult services under a number of mundane categories in the Classified section – the 2020 edition has no additional spiritual service ads in the main sections and within the Classified section it has specific categories for Astrology, Spiritual Advice, Spiritual Healer, and Spiritualists. We find these sections included in the classifieds for nearly a decade or more if we look back at some of the editions from 2012, 2013 and 2014.


Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 11.32.42 PM.png

This article from p. 7 of an 1850 edition of the Old Farmer’s Almanac shows that even when black magic doesn’t make it into the ads – its outlines can easily appear elsewhere, hidden in plain sight. (7)

Advertisements in Questionable Taste

Think about that – in 1974 these services were normalized under regular categories – since at least 2012 they are given specific focus under categories like ‘Spiritual Healer’ and ‘Spiritualists’. These categories didn’t even have ads that would have fit under them in the 1974 edition!

If we were talking trends in technological progress this might be less surprising – we can imagine that earlier editions wouldn’t have ads related to smart phones – but here we have an instance when the Old Farmer’s Almanac puts MORE focus in the 21st century on folk magic and psychic services than it did in 1974 when UNESCO was publishing an issue of Impact specifically focused on ‘parascience’ and an Apollo astronaut was publishing an anthology of research papers focused on Psychic Exploration.

This becomes even more anomalous when we consider the perspective offered in this Seattle Times piece on the Old Farmer’s Almanac from 1992:

“In 1990 the periodical began courting advertising from mainstream advertisers, and now contains full-page, four-color ads for Sorel boots, Florida orange juice, Chevrolet trucks, Total cereal, and Agway stores amidst smaller black-and-white inserts for choir robes, miracle magnifying eyeglasses, hair thickener, copper bracelets, apple juicers, weathervanes, racks for holding multiple caps, bag balm for curing animal sores, toenail-fungus ointment, trusses, and insurance to help pay burial expenses. The almanac still refuses all ads for alcohol or tobacco.

Hale takes a sanguine view of the more bizarre products hawked in his pages. “Jimmy Carter was an advertiser, long before he became president; he used the almanac to sell worms for bait.” Nowadays, he says, ads fall into one of three categories: “Advertisements in good taste, advertisements in questionable taste – like the miracle cures or anti-aging products – and advertisements in bad taste, like voodoo dolls, which some people could attempt to use for malicious purposes.

“Each year, after heated debate, we happily accept ads in the first two categories.” (8)

A careful reading of former editor Jud Hale’s statement shows that spiritual services centered on what is popularly known as black magic – hexing, cursing, revenge, etc. – are out, but as long as the legal bases are covered most everything else has a chance of making it in. This draws attention to the fact that what is currently making it in doesn’t necessarily track with the emergence of the contemporary ‘consciousness culture’ market or the trends we see in the digital space related to human potentials like transcranial electric stimulation, binaural and isochronic soundscapes, sound healing, meditation and mindfulness, or anything like that.


The Analog Internet

“In many homes almanacs were the newspaper, the magazine, and the mail-order catalog rolled into one. In other words, almanacs were the first internet.” – Lisa Chen, The Old Farmer’s Almanac: An Investigation – Seneca Review (9)

Running a Google search for the phone numbers associated with the contemporary classified ads shows that many of them come up in the Google Books preview of the 2020 edition and nowhere else. For many service providers these ads appear to be the only angle being used to attract clients.

Looking at some of the spiritual service providers that do show up in a wider search provides  us insight into the market we’re looking at.

Screen Shot 2019-09-29 at 11.15.23 AM

We’ll start with Mrs. Jewel of Rock Hill, South Carolina, whose ad in the Astrology section includes a business address:

Screen Shot 2019-09-22 at 6.09.15 PM

Mrs. Jewel, Psychic Reader – Rock Hill, South Carolina

We can also find her in a Facebook post from a local pawn shop, World Record Holder Pawn (10), which mentions Mrs. Jewel and includes some nice shots of a pamphlet advertising her services:


If you’ve been seduced by the mediated image of mystery surrounding traditional spiritual services it may come as a surprise to find what looks to be a standard psychic reader sitting next to someone like Dr. Sal who offers lucky bags and help against evil spells and witchcraft:

Screen Shot 2019-09-29 at 11.25.23 AM

These blurred lines peaked my attention when I first started looking at spiritual service advertisements while researching for Craigslist Conjurations – Preliminary notes on Spiritual Services, Folk Magic and Digital Advertising in 2014 (Click here for the full 53 pg. PDF version). That early research introduced me to how spiritual service providers frequently cross artificial boundaries developed by observers outside of their targeted clientele.

This boundary crossing exists between the online and offline worlds as well. These ads form a sort of analog hypertext linking a broad range of individuals and networks – mixing services offered solely through word of mouth advertising and classifieds and service providers that expand their business profile into the digital space. All connecting individuals, cultures and economies across a shared relationship with a belief in the supernatural or the super natural.


Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 11.23.11 PM
Ann, God’s Messenger from Fayette, North Carolina is another service provider whose address is available via a quick search. She can be found on Google as Sister Ann, Reader and Advisor. Sister Ann is another boundary crossing provider who seems to make no differentiation between folk magic and psychic services, this time quite directly offering to stop rootwork.

Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 4.31.24 PM

Sister Ann, Reader and Advisor – Fayetteville, North Carolina

Based on her service reviews some folks love her and some folks hate her. (11) Sister Ann has a basic website – sisterannreaderadviser.com – utilizing stock images suited to a psychic service provider – who would expect that beneath this almost mundane facade sits a woman offering rootwork services?

“Are you having trouble? Have you lost your job? Does life seem like it is getting to be too much? Do you wonder where to turn? I urge you to call me, Sister Ann. I am a religious holy woman and have been able to help hundreds of lost souls who have had troubles in life. Through God’s grace and mercy I have the power to heal by prayer.”

Screen Shot 2019-09-29 at 11.44.20 AM.png


Some spiritual service providers have been running the same ads for years. We find Spiritualist Leza from Valdosta, Georgia going back to 2012 in the Google Book results with a simple ad promising the cure all evil spells, reunite lovers, potions and luck:

Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 10.00.51 PM

Despite the persistence of her ad in the various editions of the Old Farmer’s Almanac, Spiritual Leza is not one of our providers that appear to have extended their marketing into the digital marketplace.


Beyond the Pages of the Old Farmer’s Almanac

Screen Shot 2019-09-29 at 3.16.07 PM

Classified Section from the 2012 Old Farmer’s Almanac

There is an ebb and flow for spiritual service classified ads. For example, the 2012 and 2013 editions having significantly more offerings in the Astrology section than what we find in the 2020 edition.

These rhythms in the number of ads are regulated by shifts in the culture and in the economy. As Jud Hale says in the Seattle Times piece from 1992:

“I believe we’re a link to something. The almanac has always done well in times of recession. I think people hearken back to the traditional values in times of a crunch…The Old Farmer’s Almanac isn’t `quaint,’ It’s all about what’s happening in our world, now. It’s as up-to-date today as it was 200 years ago.”(8)

This observation on the recession is reflected in the psychic and spiritual service industries as well. Providers in these areas offer services to those who are looking for stability, direction and empowerment in uncertain times. Even so, economic factors shift the amount of income that clients can offer no matter how desperate their perceived need and the industry itself was negatively affected by the most recent recession. As disposable income has increased so has the market for and marketability of these services:

“The Psychic Services industry has grown steadily over the five years to 2018 as a result of recovering economic conditions and growing acceptance of industry services among consumers. Following a dip during the economic downturn, rising disposable income levels over the past five years have spurred demand for discretionary services like psychic readings.” (12)

Differences we see in the number of ads may have to do with certain service providers moving up market as the opportunities increase alongside increases in disposable income. It may also reflect service providers reacting to the increased potential for interest in their services within the wider market as the economy began to recover through 2012 and 2013. Moving their advertising to digital platforms could allow them to more easily capture the attention of a diverse audience. Or, it’s very possible that these service providers failed to achieve success and ceased offering service of any kind within this market.

One of the things that we begin to see as we dig in to these ads is that we are not just looking at a single market, economy or industry – we’re looking at a rather diverse and interconnected network of markets, economies and industries and services that fluidly shift and intermingle to meet the needs of their clientele.


Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 2.37.06 PM

Rev. Jackson ad in the 2020 Old Farmer’s Almanac

This network has a global reach as we can see from a service provider named Rev. Jackson who bought ad space in both the Old Farmer’s Almanac and the Jamaican Gleaner.

Published out of Kingston, the Jamaican Gleaner or simply The Gleaner is a newspaper with international distribution in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K.  Founding in 1834, it’s been in circulation ever since and continues to connect diaspora communities around the world.

Rev. Jackson’s ad in both the Old Farmer’s Almanac and the Jamaican Gleaner shows us that the networks of markets, economies and industries related to these psychic and spiritual services cover a much wider geography than we might expect – and target a community with ties not only to the U.S., but the Caribbean, U.K. and Canada as well.

Seeing the reach of a provider like Rev. Jackson it is possible that the increased focus on spiritual services associated with popular notions of hoodoo, conjure and rootwork in these 21st century Old Farmer’s Almanac ads is a reflection of an increase in the estimated worth of the African American market.

Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 1.50.40 PM.png

Voodoo Healer with the same phone number in a series of classified ads for ‘Psychics, Spiritualists, Astrologers, Readers‘ in the Jamaica Gleaner newspaper – Thursday, August 24, 2006 (13)

According to a recent study from the University of Georgia Selig Center for Economic Growth, this market went from “$961 billion in 2010 to an estimated $1.3 trillion in 2018. Since 2000, the African American market has seen a 114 percent increase in buying power.” (14) Along with an increase in buying power comes an increase in service providers within the market, so it makes sense that we would see this mirrored in the psychic and spiritual service ads appearing in publications like the Old Farmer’s Almanac and Jamaican Gleaner which have such a wide and continuous distribution.

But…Where are the Psychotronics?

“We present results of experiments suggesting the existence of one or more perceptual modalities through which individuals obtain information about their environment…”- Harold Puthoff and Russel Targ, Information Transfer Under Conditions of Sensory Shielding (3)

Now that we’ve found some answers for the surprising presence of rootwork in the 2020 edition of the Old Farmer’s Almanac – the question remains, where’s our new era of psychotronics as forecast in the 1974 edition of UNESCO’s Impact?

Just as the spiritual service ads appear to be following market trends, the fate of psychotronics exists within a wider cultural and economic milieu. The interest in developing “a new technical-physical dimension on an earlier philosophical-psychological conception”  was directly related to the further development of a cybernetic understanding of the mind/body complex being explored at the time. (15) If we want to see where psychotronics went all we have to do is look at the internet – which, as Dr. Diana Pasulka points out in her preface to American Cosmic – UFOs, Religion, Technology (Oxford University Press, 2019), developed in part from a program focused on ‘“Augmentation of the Human Intellect.” (16) 

In order to truly understand these areas it is important to de-mystify what we are talking about – the mediated image of psychic and spiritual services is a marketing ploy that is very much divorced from their everyday applications in the lives of practitioners and from the areas of study focused on by serious researchers. (17) This is also true in terms of how the underlying human potentials being tapped in these service offerings are distributed within the wider culture.

Look back at that Astro-Profile advertisement and take out the astrological language:

Prepared with an IBM computer – Your Character Analyzed – Programed by World Famous (Experts) – Individually Prepared – Based on 25 Million Pieces of Information – 12 Month Projections – Trends for the Year…

If we didn’t know this was a 1974 ad for an astrology service it could just as well be the description of forecasting and personality profile tools that have been developed using data sets drawn from social media usage. Today’s transcranial electric stimulation for performance enhancement in sports and the arts is yesterday’s “God Helmet” experiments searching for the source of apparitional encounters and ways to enhance or induce anomalous or spiritual experiences. (18, 19)

Corporate, commercial and military intelligence interest in psychic functioning frame UNESCO’s Impact journal issue focused on parascience. In the ensuing years research in these areas produced results that were able to be reframed (and monetized) within more acceptable contexts, as well as being reframed to avoid complications related to a portion of the research that occurred between 1974 and 1995 under classified programs.

Along with this is the proprietary nature of the corporate interest – and yes, there was indeed quite a bit of corporate interest, including companies such as Boeing, Xerox, Sony and others. As just one example, Gene Semel, a former senior sound design manager at Sony, went in search of Sony’s ESP research and discovered that “finding ways to measure anomalous energy transference – and to uncover a commercial application for it – was something to Sony took seriously. In the company’s labs, it was objectively and empirically researched for over a decade under the oversight of Sony Senior Researcher Yoichiro Sako.” (20) News reports from the time show that Sako’s research was met with controversy in the media despite the support of Sony’s executives. (21)

“There might be a new type of communication system out there, a system that transmits data through mediums we’ve never before considered. We don’t know, but we’re trying to find out.” – Sony executive Mika Ishida (22)

According to Sako,  “We found out experimentally that yes, ESP exists, but that any practical application of this knowledge is not likely in the foreseeable future.” (21)  Based on media reports this research initiative began in 1991, four years before the Pentagon began declassifying the Remote Viewing research that has become so well known. That’s 16 years after the parascience issue of Impact –  no matter what the skeptical sub-culture wants you to believe, psychic functioning has staying power in terms of research and commercial interest.





Advertisement from FATE Magazine for The Mind and Time and Space by Dan Tassi, Dorrance Co., (1962) (23)

While Sako is sanguine about the possibilities of applied psi – the psychic services industry in the U.S. alone had an estimated worth of $2 Billion, with the prospect of a steady increase of 2% per year according to IBIS World. (12) The disconnect here is in the fact that Sony’s research was focused on developing technology from psychic functioning – any research into the existence of said functioning was a mere antecedent to creating products that could tap into it. Recent research into psychokinesis and mind/machine interfacing may prove him wrong – but in the meantime, outside of product development, we already see that there is a massive financial incentive to develop viable psychic services.

“It’s worth noting that those who do buy into the precog economy don’t like to publicise the fact.” – Amelia Tait, Psychic Future – What Next for the Precog Economy? (24)

51dWpiXb7hL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg$2 Billion is big, but Dr. Julia Mossbridge, a visiting scholar at Northwestern University and co-author of The Precognition Code – The Science of Precognition, How Sensing the Future Can Change Your Life (Watkins Media, 2019), says that “once precognition hits the higher-end markets – governments, investment banking – the estimates will go up by an order of magnitude,” as quoted by Amelia Tait in a Guardian article published as I was wrangling this post into coherence.

Mossbridge clarifies for Tait that the industry is mixed in terms of what clients can expect, with providers offering services that range from serious applications of psi research to frauds making money manipulating their clientele. The concept of a precog economy highlights the need for service providers that have followed the impetus of the 1974 Impact journal and are utilizing technical-physical methodologies in their work, such as Associate and Controlled Remote Viewing protocols or the protocols outlined by Mossbridge’s book, to increase accuracy and regularity in their results.

As the wider publication of  research modalities occurs we see adaptations in the public service offerings that reflect their adoption even within the sphere of popular psychic and spiritual services. In other areas of the culture there is the possibility to develop refined service offerings that take advantage of the research to integrate psychic functioning within corporate, government and medical environments as the scientific investigation of these potentials develops a better framework for understanding what has existed in our culture under the labels of the anomalous and occult. (25)

The lack of consistent regulation in the industry, the taboo on psychic functioning in professional cultures and the fear of psi (26) that occurs for many when they weigh the meaning of psi and all of its implications each contribute to fueling the shadow economies surrounding psychic and spiritual service industries. As we see with the parascience revolution forecasted in the 1974 issue of Impact, it may be that as these services become successful they blend seamlessly into the existing cultures and technologies around them. Perhaps the precog economy’s future exists within the world we already see every day expanded a bit with our understanding of human potential – a synthesis that leaves only a hazy outline of its prior taboo in back page Classifieds of tomorrow’s vintage edition of the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

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