Golgotha Psychomanteum- Cult of Golgotha Series (2 of 8)

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“Dr. Crosley has provided specific instructions for building the atmosphere within the Golgotha psychomanteum, allowing the initiate to attune to the voices of the Baron Cimitiere who teaches many secrets related to journeys to the Land of the Dead beyond our known universe.”  

– Craig Williams, Cult of Golgotha (Quantum Vodon), p 180 (Anathema Publishing, 2018)

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Golgotha Psychomanteum (Acrylic on Cardboard, 2018) – borrowing inspiration from the fantastic visionary painters of Port-au-Prince, Haiti – this piece is painted on cardboard and utilizes a more diagramic design that the others in the initial series of 8.

The term ‘psychomanteum’ describes a therapeutic mirror-gazing methodology developed by afterlife researcher Dr. Raymond Moody that induces a mild altered state of consciousness when employed by a willing subject – his website LifeAfterLife.com describes it as:

“…a chamber invented by Dr. Moody, but inspired by the ancient techniques used for 2500 years at the Oracle of the Dead in Ephyra Greece. A visitor to the Psychomanteum often experiences contact with departed loved ones.

The Psychomanteum technique involves mirror gazing. You seat yourself comfortably, then relax and look into the depth of a clear mirror without trying to really see anything. Deep relaxation is necessary for this process. When the relaxation process is successful, your arms should feel heavy, and your fingers will tingle. This tingling will signal the onset of the hypnogogic or altered consciousness state.

Your mirror will become cloudy: Practitioners report seeing an image resembling the sky on a cloudy day; others find that the mirror seems to darken. This lets you know that visions are about to appear.”

Within Williams work  ‘Psychomanteum‘ functions as a descriptive hint for effective use of symbolism in trans-mundane visualization practices – the Golgotha Psychomanteum diagram works within this understanding to provide a cipher and iconic gateway from which to encounter certain atmospheres related to the text.

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