Points of Contact – Evangelizing with an electric touch (Selected Quotes)

Posted in > BLACK CADILLAC REVIEW by David on August 5, 2016

A small collection of anecdotal reports related to perceptions of energetic phenomenon during Charismatic healing revivals:


Photo of William Branham taken at the Sam Houston Coliseum in 1950. (Wikipedia)

William Branham:

“Germ, diseases, which indicate the presence and working of an “oppressing” (Acts 10:38) spirit of affliction can be distinctly felt. When the afflicting spirit comes into contact with the gift it sets up such a physical commotion that it becomes visible on Brother Branham hand, and is so real it will stop his wristwatch instantly…While William Branham had received the sign in his hand at the same time power to heal was bestowed upon him.”

– Jame Morris, The Preachers, pp.78-79 (St. Martin’s Press, 1973)

“As the prophet Moses was given two gifts, signs to vindicate his ministry, so will you be given two. He said, “One of them will be that you’ll take the person that you’re praying for by the hand, with your left hand and their right,” and said, “then just stand quiet, and there’ll be a physical effect that’ll happen on your body. Then you pray. And if it leaves, the disease is gone from the people.”

– William Branham, How the Angel Came to Me, and His Commission p. 18 (Edmonton: End Time Message Tabernacle)


Oral Roberts:

“Brother Roberts got his special hand gift when he was conducting a one-night service in Nowata, Oklahoma. While praying for a small boy who was deaf in one ear, he heard God speaking as if He were standing by his side: Son, you have been faithful up to this hour, “and now you will feel My presence in your right hand. Through My presence, you will be able to detect the presence of demons. You will know their number and name and through my power, they will be cast out.”

– Oral Roberts, My Story…(of being raised up by God to take the message of his healing power to my generation), p. 151 (Summit Book Co, 1961)

hqdefaultKenneth E. Hagin:

“He went on instruct me that when I would pray and lay hands upon the sick I was to lay one hand on each side of the body. If I felt the fire jump from hand to hand, and evil spirit or demon was present in the body causing the affliction. I should call him out in His name and the demon or demons would have to go. If the fire, or anointing, in my hand does not jump from hand to hand, it is a case of healing only…When the fire, or the anointing, leaves my hands and goes into his body, I will know he is healed.”

– Kenneth Hagin, I Believe In Visions, p. 51 (F. H. Revell Co, 1972)