Residual Transmissions – A radio play for the end of days!

Posted in > SOUND by David on May 6, 2014

Residual TransmissionsLiminal Analytics: Applied Research Collaborative is proud to present –

The Message: Residual Transmissions – a selection of atavistic sound explorations dedicated to the subtle energies of Elberton, Georgia the resting place for one the most mysterious omens of the 20th century – the Georgia Guidestones.

Residual Transmissions is a radio play for the end of days – apocalyptic, asemic pulp fiction from the celestial edge, a vigorous alchemical marriage of sound and subtle substance – narratives of love and strife, aetheric sci-fi seances leaking out from the borders of Ghostland.

Residual Transmissions offers a rare and exciting exploration of the nuclear era – an imaginal recreation of the inevitability of mutually assured destruction arising from the apocalyptic alembic of the Trinity Tests and the seed planted with the success of the Manhattan Project.

CLICK HERE to join us on this lo-fi sound adventure transmitted direct from Elbert County, Georgia – listen to The Message, it could change your life!