Further Offerings: Puppet or Poppet?

Posted in > ANALYSIS by David on January 2, 2014

When you fool around with ‘figuren theatre’ you end up with left over puppets. Just one of those things.

Back in 2011 we were experimenting with some lo-fi film making concepts and thought it would be fun to run some tests with puppets rather than putting actual people through the ropes while we were figuring out how things would look with experimental cheap camera aesthetics. You can check out the final test run here, 1:11 of abrasive folky witchery we titled St. Joseph’s Waltz:

Now as we’re de-materializing the Liminal Analytics library we’ve realized we still have those puppets laying around!

Here are some pictures of one of them in more clear lighting:

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We also have some of the other test ones as well, such as these:

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So if you have any use for these hideous little hand crafted faux-puppet things to do with as you will, drop our managing director David Metcalfe an email at davidbmetcalfe at gmail dot com, and name your price.

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