The Mystery of Squaring the Circle – Exploring sacred geometry and alchemical transformation with Scott Olsen

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The ancient mystery of squared circle geometry reveals a hidden key to the holographic self-similarity displayed throughout the cosmos and nature. This has been encoded in tombs, pyramids, temples, cathedrals and canons of human proportion. We intend to solve the Hermetic puzzle “As above, so below; and as below, so above” through the role of the geometric mean, as cryptically alluded to by Plato in his Timaeus. The resulting proportional symmetry binds together all parts of Nature with each other and the Cosmos itself.

Our goal is to demonstrate the seemingly impossible resolution of various dichotomies, i.e. continuous/ discontinuous, incommensurable/ commensurable, immaterial/ material, wave/particle duality, and the mind/ body problem. In the end we are taking head on the greatest philosophical problem of all: the One & Many problem. In so doing, we will propose an alchemical fusion that may well lead to transformative states of consciousness.

For this illuminating course, Scott Olsen, author of The Golden Section: Nature’s Greatest Secret, and Professor of Philosophy & Religion at the College of Central Florida, has gathered together some of the leading thinkers in the field of sacred mathematics. He will be joined by co-host David Metcalfe, editor of Reality Sandwich’s “Limitless Mind.” As anyone who participated in last year’s Evolver course, “Sacred Geometry Explained,” already knows, Scott and David are wonderful teachers who translate the complex concepts of sacred geometry into clear language with concrete examples, to help you understand and integrate the astonishing potential of this too-little-known field.

5 Successive Wednesday Sessions, beginning Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sacred Geometry and Alchemical Transformation: the Mystery of Squaring the Circle

Hosted by Scott Olsen and David Metcalfe

8 p.m. New York • 5 p.m. San Francisco

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Featured guests include:

● C. Lance Harding, Ph.D.: international authority on canons of human proportion, ancient systems of measurement, temple construction, and sacred geometry; mentored by John Michell and trained by Keith Critchlow at the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts.

● V. Garth Norman: a world authority on ancient calendar systems, archaeoastronomy, Director of Archaeological Research Consultants (ARCON) and author of Izapa Sacred Space: Sculpture Calendar Codex, and The Parowan Gap: Nature’s Perfect Observatory, and an expert on cross-cultural Middle Eastern and Mesoamerican measurement systems.

● Tom Bree: accomplished geometer, musician, musical instrument maker and author, he teaches Christian and Islamic geometric design at the Prince’s School of Traditional Art, is presently working on his Ph.D. on English Gothic cathedral design under Keith Critchlow, and is an expert on the geometry of Wells Cathedral.

● Frank Vedegys: expert mathematician, statistician, and actuarial accountant, who also teaches a variety of esoteric subjects, including the Tree of Life, tarot and astrology; unrivalled expertise in expressing the underlying mathematical principles of Sacred Geometry.

Note: The seminar description was adapted from Scott Olsen’s original description of the course.