Exploring the outer edges of society & mind

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Pronunciation:  /ˈlim-ən- ə l/
Function: adj
1. of or relating to a sensory threshold 

2barely perceptible

3: of, relating to, or being an intermediate state, phase, or condition : in-between, transitional

Latin limin-, limen threshold

First Known Use: 1884

Liminal Analytics is an applied research collaborative exploring the outer edges of society and mind.

Liminal Analytics is the art of investigation into the interstices of creativity, culture, and consciousness, with an eye for ideas eschewing clear definition.  Think of it like abnormal psychology for society’s psyche.

Liminal Analytics brings insights from the borderland between imagination and consensus reality to benefit community growth and education.

We are a loose collaborative of independent and tenured scholars, creatives, writers and executives focusing on subtle solutions to complex problems.

We specialize in the unattended, invisible and overlooked.

Contact Us for more information on our services and offerings, or to get in touch regarding collaboration.


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