Other Worlds – Retro Telekinetic Mind Tech and the Sounds of Contact

Posted in > BLACK CADILLAC REVIEW by David on April 6, 2021
Advertisement featured in Understanding, V.12, N.4, April, 1967

“Take a psychic trip in your own Flying Saucer, while listening to music that is out of this world!”

Vintage advertisements offer a window into worlds long since past and all too often forgotten. This is especially true in the psychic wilderness, where even at their time of printing the ads provided access to ephemeral areas of culture whose instability is inherent in their allure. The array of amazingness found in these advertisements is quite astounding – however, few objects of passing culture hold the magnetic potency to draw our attention as the FLYING SAUCER TABLE LAMP found in an advertisement in the back pages of a 1967 issue of Daniel Fry’s Understanding journal.

A mail order ‘Scientific Marvel‘ offered by the Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs of America (1) this little lamp offers to provide more than just illumination. The advertisement states that it can be used as a tool for training psychokinesis as well:

“TEST YOUR ESP: Complete instructions given. Start and stop the pulsating light beams with your thought waves. (The Flying Saucer Lamp will help advance your mental physics.) A Scientific Marvel!”

This isn’t too far fetched a claim as the Psyleron – Consciousness Research & Technology Mind Lamp, which is currently on the market, actually does offer this potential. (2) Using Random Number Generators developed in the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab to access the micro-psychokinetic effects of intention the Mind Lamp lets you focus intention to change the colors the lamp emits.(3) The thing is, Psyleron, Inc. was founded in 2005 in order to create publicly accessible technology out of decade of research at the P.E.A.R. lab – which is what makes this mail order Flying Saucer Table Lamp so interesting. This advertisement is from 1967!

The Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs of America was an organization founded by Gabriel Green, a Contactee who is notable for having a political career as a write-in candidate in the 1960 and 1972 U.S. presidential races and for claiming “to have made over 100 sightings of flying saucers, in addition to having had direct physical and psychical contacts with extraterrestrials, including beings from Mars, Venus, Alpha Centauri, and the Pleiades.” (4)

Green’s intriguing career is enough to add some additional flavor to this mail order offering – and for those interested, you can learn more about Green in the Saucer Life Podcast episode, The Space Age Candidate – yet, the thing that really sticks out in this advertisement for many people, myself included – beyond the fact that the lamp offers to be ‘a silent sentinel for your home‘ and ‘protect against burglars,’ beyond the fact that it’s ‘perfect for meditation, creates ideal romantic atmosphere, relieves daily tensions, helps dispel sleeplessness, lulls youngsters to sleep, fascinates, helps eliminate mid-night fears,’ beyond even the fact that it ‘blends with any decor‘ and is ‘a collector’s item,’ – the thing that really sticks out here is the tantalizing offer for the FREE Record Album – ‘Other Worlds.

What on earth does a record sound like that’s sent to accompany such an incredible piece of telekinetic saucerian ephemera as the Flying Saucer Table Lamp?

The artist’s rendering of the album cover provides very little to go on. There are a lot of albums titled Other Worlds, and a quick search comes up with very little that might match this mysterious sonic adventure. There is clearly a band name there, but the cursive font is obscured by the printing making it difficult to discern exactly what it says.

Anticipation builds for what soundtrack might accompany the lamp. As Leonard George, former Chair of the School of Social Sciences at Capilano University, aptly put it – we’re searching for music ‘that would be fun to listen to while staring at the Flying Saucer Table Lamp and trying to telepathically contact a Venusian.’ Such a quest opens up to endless possibilities, especially in the late sixties scene of fast to market one off records.

I plunged into Gabriel Green’s pamphlets and available material – skimming issues of the AFSCA World Report, scouring the pages of Thy Kingdom Come – for any mention of this album or some hint that might provide the right detail to crack the case. (5) All to no avail. It took the expert detective skills of Stephen Canner, the brilliant archivist, musician, and historian of artifacts that emerge from the margins of culture, to find the precious thread leading to discovering this time washed treasure. Taking the mystery to the auction sites he was able to pin down a recent sale for an EP called Other Worlds from a band called The Space Walkers. It was released around 1966 or 1967, and the label that put it out Bakersfield, California’s UFO Records. All the pieces fit for this being the EP that was being offered along with the Flying Saucer Lamp in the mail order ad!

Canner is no stranger to searching out hidden gems in the history of Flying Saucers, in fact I first discovered his work through a piece that he wrote about his quest for a lost recording of famed Los Angeles ‘Telegnostic‘ Mark Probert channeling Yada Di Shi’ite. (6) This incredible album was offered in the August 1955 issue of Ray Palmer’s Mystic Magazine – where it was stated that now you may hear the voice of Yada Di Shi’ite in your own home!” All you needed to do is send $4.98 to Inner Circle Records in Ojai, California. It’s probably important to note that $4.98 in 1955 is equivalent to $48.87 today, so this seems to be an item that would have been of interest only to the most dedicated disciples of the Inner Circle teachings.

Sadly, we’ll probably never know what it sounded like, as the only trace of it seems to be the advertisement Canner found in Mystic Magazine. In a way, we may be better off for its intangibility – as he points out in his essay:

“Many myths and legends center around something lost, an object or a bit of knowledge; its very absence imbues the missing thing with meaning, even importance. It is likely, however, that the idea of a lost recording of the voice of Yada Di Shi’ite is much more interesting than the actual reality, were a copy ever to surface. But puzzles like the one surrounding this album are what keep researchers moving forward, and in the process uncovering the next riddle to be solved. The UFO phenomenon itself is more koan than puzzle. It is also both an ontological and an epistemological mystery, so it should come as no surprise that a study of recordings related to it would begin with its own discographical mystery.” (6)

Thankfully, while Other Worlds surprises, it does not disappoint. The Space Walkers’ EP is absolutely in no way at all what I thought the album associated with the Flying Saucer Table Lamp would sound like – hearing it reset my expectations for what the ‘Contactee‘ scene was like in the late 50’s and it’s opened up incredible new realms of imaginal potential for this often overlooked stream of American culture.

According to some additional research received from the good folks at the Kook Science website, “AFSCA Unit #50 (Bakersfield, California) was run by Lewis Ashmore (1931-2008), who was one-half of the Space Walkers. One wonders if he was directly associated with ATEN Mfg., producers of the Flying Saucer Lamp, or just bought a few cases in hopes of selling them?

Ashmore went on to link up with Kirby Hensley and the Universal Life Church, writing “Modesto Messiah” (1977).  He was also a fairly prolific  exorcist, it seems, having been an ordained priest since the age of 18.”(7)

Maybe you’d like to choose the mystery over the revelation and let your mind wander all of the possibilities that exist for music written by an erstwhile exorcist promising to take you on a cosmic consciousness trip to extraterrestrial interstellar spaces…

Or, maybe you’re ready to have your expectations shaken by an out of this world EP from beyond the borderland of Contact Culture…

If you are ready – then settle in to your pilot seat my friends and get your psychic saucer prepared for…

The Space Walkers – Other Worlds (UFO Records, 1966)

Side 1 – Space Walk/The Invader:

Side 2 – Time Sound/Too Many Light Years:

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