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“I think of each of the events of our life like beads on a necklace and controlled precognition is like making the necklace, making the connection between our past and future selves. There’s something extremely strengthening and powerful about connecting with yourself over time.”

–  Dr. Julia Mossbridge, in an interview with the Times of Israel

– Upcoming Events –

July 1st-3rd, 2019 – The University of Wales, Lampeter will host the 2019 Religious Experience Research Centre conference, with a focus on The Future of the Study of Religious and Spiritual Experience, in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the RERC:

July 4th-6th, 2019 – The 62nd Annual Convention of the Parapsychological Assocation will be held in Paris, France – honoring the 100th anniversary of the Institut Métapsychique International. With Program Chair Ramsés D’León Macías and Arrangements Chair Mario P. Varvoglis, this event will bring together international researchers at the avant-garde of science:

Download the conference abstracts here:

July 10th, 2019 – The Foresight Institute is hosting Dr. Zarinah Agnew (UCSF, Irrational Labs) for a discussion on Experimental Societies: Prototyping Social Structures for the Future:

July 11th-15th, 2019 – The 2019 Energy Science and Technology Conference will be held in  Hayden, Idaho:

July 12th, 2019 – The Rhine Research Center is hosting Jim Matlock for a discussion on Signs of Reincarnation: What We’ve Learned (Online Option Available – See Link for Details):

July 13th, 2019 – The University of Virginia Division of Perceptual Studies will host Mind Beyond Brain – Emerging Evidence for Life After Death at the Mandarin Oriental in Boston, Massachusetts:

July 18th, 2019 – The Society for Psychical Research will host Ross Bartlett and Matthew Smith for a lecture on Reimagining the Out-of-Body Experience:

July 18th – 20th, 2019 – The Institute for Noetic Science will host their 18th Annual Conference in Santa Clara, California – this year’s theme is The Possibility Accelerator: Creating Our Future Now:

July 26th-28th, 2019 – The United States Psychotronics Association will hold their annual conference in Chicago:

July 31st, 2019 – The SPR will host a Discussion Forum focusing on Reincarnation Reports in the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research:

August 4th-has 7th, 2019 – The International Chinese Parapsychology Association will hold their 2019 Conference on Chinese Traditional Culture, Parapsychology, and Its Function will be held in Kunming, China – To Register for this conference, please write to Prof. Chang at: yifangch@sina.com), and include the following information: Full name – Department – University/Association – Professor/Dr – Nation – E-mail – Speciality.

August 11th–20th – The College of Psychic Studies is hosting a Summer Exhibition focusing on Art and Spirit – Visions of Wonder:

August 28th, 2019 – The London Fortean Society will host Alan Murdie, chairman of the Ghost Club, for a discussion on Poltergeists and Possession:

August 28th – September 1st, 2019 – The International Association of Near Death Studies will host their annual conference in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania:

September 13th-14th – The University of Northampton will host the Trans-States Conference – this year’s theme is The Art of Revelation:

September 20th-22nd, 2019 – The 43rd Annual International Conference of the Society for Psychical Research will be held in Leicester, United Kingdom:

September 30th-October 1st, 2019 – The Fourth Transpersonal Research Colloquium will be help in Paris, France – this year’s theme is Engaging the Transformative Dimensions of Consciousness in Research:

October 4th, 2019 – The Rhine Research Center is hosting Sarah Gewanter for a presentation on Hypnosis: A Powerful Method of Mind Training:

October 5th, 2019 – The Rhine Research Center is hosting Sarah Gewanter for a training seminar focusing on how to Train and Open your Mind to the Benefits of Self-Hypnosis:

November 8th, 2019 – The Rhine Research Center is hosting Debra Diamond for a discussion on What Really Happens in the Afterlife? Lessons from the End of Life and Beyond:

November 15th, 2019 – The American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences will host their 2019 Conference in Atlanta, Georgia:

– Research Requests and Calls for Papers –

The International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA), in partnership with iRiS Intuition, Paris France, is pleased to announce the competition for an award for remote viewing research. The Warcollier Prize is a financial prize jointly created and shared by IRVA and iRiS Intuition and presented to the winner of a judged competition for the best research proposal investigating some aspect of remote viewing.
Deadline for submissions July 15th, 2019.


Submissions are now open for the 3rd Annual Rhine Short Story Contest –  Do you have a psy-fantasy or ghoulish narrative that would make Edgar Alan Poe proud? Perhaps you or someone you know has had a psychic experience that you could relate in a short story? This is your opportunity to share it with your friends at the Rhine Research Center.

Writers and experiencers from all over the globe will be submitting their adventures in precognition, telepathic fantasies or poltergeist incidents for the chance to win cash or other prizes and to share their creations at a Rhine event in October, 2019.

The Templeton World Charity is inviting proposals for inter-disciplinary research that will work towards Accelerating Research on Consciousness:

For those ages 55-90, if you have symptoms of depression or other mood disorders, and you’d like to try an experimental meditation smartphone app being developed by the Institute of Noetic Science as a treatment, please go to this survey to see if you’re eligible for the study:

The Society for the Academic Study of the Supernatural mailing list is intended as a place to share news and information relating to the study of the ‘supernatural’, broadly defined. You can subscribe by visiting the webpage at:

The Estate of Ingo Swann has posted an ‘open invitation to anyone who experiences dreams, premonitions, visions about future events‘ to participate in The Prophecy Project database initiative to create a ‘central prophecy registry‘:

– Forbidden Science –

Thursday 21 April, 1994

“My former SRI college and wonder programmer Dick Shoup invited me to come and see him at Interval Research, a new Palo Alto think tank where he works on the “Roots of Not,” a new concept in logic. This led us to discuss the nature of time, a subject I’ve been pondering in my consciousness and synchronicity tests at Spring Hill. He sees time as nature’s way to resolve logical paradoxes. I love his idea that time gets generated from the resolution of semantic absurdity. It informs my meta-logic theory.”

– Jacques Vallee, Forbidden Science Vol. 4 – The Spring Hill Chronicles,  P.205

– News, Interviews, Reviews and Relevant Links –


A GoFundMe page has been set up to provide support for Dr. Stanley Krippner in light of Saybrook University’s termination of his employment.

For more information: https://www.gofundme.com/f/support-for-dr-stanley-krippner

Caroline Watt and Jim Kennedy have been awarded the Parapsychological Association’s 2019 Charles Honorton Integrative Contributions Award, which honors members who have made significant research contributions that integrate parapsychology and mainstream science:

Rice University’s Dr. Jeffrey Kripal discusses The Flip with Whitley Strieber on the latest Dreamland podcast (Unknown Country):

Global Highlights in Neuroengineering August 2005 to April 2019 (Logan Thrasher Collins):

One in 10 people have ‘near-death’ experiences, according to new study (Eureka Alert):

Ouvrage “Vers une sociologie anomalistique : le paranormal au regard des sciences sociales” (Psychologie Heterodoxe):

DARPA Invests Millions in Telepathic Headsets – Can science help two brains connect over distances with no sensory contact, at least not in the usual way? (Constant Wonder – BYU Radio) :

How the Brain Helps Us Make Good Decisions and Bad Ones (Yale News):

Bob Peterson reviews Mindsight: Near-Death and Out-of-Body Experiences in the Blind (second edition) by Kenneth Ring and Sharon Cooper (OBE Outlook on Life):

“Étudier scientifiquement le paranormal” – in light of the 100th anniversary of l’Institut métapsychique international, Evard Renaud is interviewed in Inexploré, n°43, juillet 2019 (Psychologie Heterodoxe):

L’étude de cas uniques en anomalistique et le “poltergeist” d’Amnéville (Psychologie Heterodoxe):

Our Brain Uses a Not-So-Instant Replay to Make Decisions (Scientific American):

Transformations – on the transformative power of stigmata and the “religious supernatural” (International Research Network on Stigmata):

Against Disenchantment – Enlightenment does not demand disenchantment with the world (Aeon Magazine):

First-ever Noninvasive Mind-Controlled Robot Arm (Carnegie Mellon University News):

Spending just 20 minutes connecting with nature can help lower stress hormone levels, according to a study in the April 4, 2019, Frontiers in Psychology (Harvard Medical School):

A Few Brief Words and Illustrations Brought to You From the Dead (Weird Historian):

Does Consciousness Exist Outside of the Brain? Is consciousness actually a property of the universe like gravity or light? (Psychology Today):

Oliver Lodge and the Difficulty of Spirit Communication (White Crow Books):

Eric Wargo on Time Loops: Precognition, Retrocausation, and the Unconscious (Future Fossils – Episode 117):

Ritual initiation inside the dream state: A story from India (Robert Moss Blog):

All Near-Death Experiences Share Surprisingly Common Themes, Say Scientists (Inverse):

– Psi Encyclopedia (New Entries) –

Observational Theories of Psi:

John Palmer:


– Papers and Journal Issues of Note –



Zeitschrift fur Anomalistik Vol. 19 (2019), Nos. 1+2 (Gessellschaft fur Anomalistick e.V.): 

Perspectives of Anomalistics Volume 6 N equals 1 Single Case Studies in Anomalistics (Gessellschaft fur Anomalistick e.V.):

A Transliminal ‘Dis-ease’ Model of ‘Poltergeist Agents’ – 62nd Annual Parapsychological Association Conference Abstract:


The Science of Science Communication III: Inspiring Novel Collaborations and Building Capacity (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America):

–  VIDEOS  –

Dr. Alejandro Parra – Unusual Perceptual Experiences in Hospital Settings (ParaMOOC2019):

Dreams and Psychic Dreams – Loyd Auerbach  (New Thinking Allowed):

Space-Time is Not Our Fundamental Reality – Cognitive scientist Donald D. Hoffman reveals why an entirely new paradigm is needed to understand the nature of reality (New York Academy of Sciences):

Inside the PEAR Lab with Brenda Dunne (New Thinking Allowed):

– Featured Photo –


Attendees at the 2019 Applied Precognition Project Conference in Las Vegas place bets based on the results of an applied Remote Viewing experiment.

– Featured Sounds –

“Circle, square, triangle, waves I got them crystal clear by the hour And I said “may I please take a rest?” I didn’t want them to know I was possessed with Psi Power…”

–  Doctor’s Advice –

“I think the performance of the goats is even more interesting, as a psychologist. Remember the goats are people who don’t believe in ESP, so don’t think they can do well on these tests…Well, they say there’s nothing to know, so the goats take these ESP tests and they get poor scores. And so they go away happy. They’ve proved what they believe in, but they don’t realize that, statistically, they’re doing something very odd…These goats are scoring below chance ‘cause they don’t recognize the chance is there…in the service of their belief system that there’s no ESP, they’re unconsciously using ESP occasionally to make sure they get it wrong.”

– Dr. Charles Tart, in Parapsychology: Science and Physics (The Infinite Mind, vol.183)

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