The End Times Terror of Four Blood Moons! (Super Wolf Blood Moon Redux)

Posted in > BLACK CADILLAC REVIEW by David on January 15, 2019


Dispensationalist Christian ideology has given birth to some incredible charts covering the various world ages culminating in the Tribulation and Rapture of the church. A consecutive series of Blood Moons in 2014-2015 coinciding with key holidays on the Jewish calendar lead to the publication of a number of dubious prophecies, including Evangelical firebrand John Hagee’s bit of amped up apocalyptic Christian Zionism, Four Blood Moons – the celestial event also blessed us with an astounding array of imagery associated with the eclipses.

Now for your education and enjoyment as we approach a rare Super Wolf Blood Moon on January 21st, 2019 – here is a carefully curated selection of some of the best Dispensationalist images invoking the paranoiac wonder and end times terror of…


(Click on the thumb nails to enlarge) 


All images copyright their respective creators.

Special thanks to Maja D’Aoust, whose mention of this terrifying tetrad provided the original inspiration for a version of this post back in 2015!

*Note: While the end times panic contained in these images is a bit out of date – a simple substitution of the term ‘Super Wolf Blood Moon’ for ‘Four Blood Moons’ in the images can help to stoke at least a sense of the frenzied terror these eager evangelists hope to induce. 

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