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“Sometimes I think that the ultimate goal of physics is not so much to understand how forces interact within the universe as much as to understand if those forces are real…being able to understand ‘how real is reality’…”

– Italian astrophysicist Massimo Teodorani, author of The Hyperspace of Consciousness (Elementa, 2015)

– Upcoming Events –

Tuesday, November 20th, 2018 – Goldsmiths University of London will host Owen Davies (University of Hertfordshire) for a presentation on Spirits on the First World War battlefields: Explorations in religion, psychical research, and popular belief:

Sunday, November 25th, 2018 – The Grupo Uninter (Brazil) will host a Symposium on Anomalistic Psychology and Science of Religions (Simpósio De Psicologia Anomalística E Ciência Das Religiões):

December 1-4, 2018 – The World Psychiatric Association will host the International Congress in Religion, Spirituality and Psychiatry 4th Global Meeting in Spirituality and Mental Health in Jerusalem:

Thursday, December 6th, 2018 – The Society for Psychical Research will host Dr. Simon Duan as he presents a brief historical account of Psi research in China, including a critical review of some key experiments, findings, implications, problems and proposed theoretical models to explain Psi:

Saturday, December 8th, 2018 – The Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research will host a mini-Conference at the North Sydney Community Centre, NSW, featuring Four Lectures on the Afterlife and Related Themes:

Saturday, December 15th, 2018 – The Arlington Institute’s Transition Talks will host a presentation by Arlington Institute founder, futurist John L. Peterson, focusing on emerging signs and trends that may indicate we are watching as – A New World Emerges: The Outline of a New Way of Living:

Through December 19th, 2018 – The University of Manitoba is hosting an exhibit featuring items from their collections relating to spiritualism and psychical investigation, including séances, life after death, dowsing, psychokinesis, automatic writing, Spirit photography and more – Investigation of the Human Psyche: Spiritualist and Parapsychology Collections at the University of Manitoba:

January 31st, 2019 – The London Fortean Society will host, Methods from Madness: Magic, Ghosts and Experimental Psychology.  Experimental psychologist Dr Matt Tompkins will mix storytelling and magical scientific demonstrations to explore how scientists, past and present, have approached the study of illusion:  https://forteanlondon.blogspot.com/2018/11/methods-from-madness-magic-ghosts-and.html

February 7th, 2019 – The Society for Psychical Research will host Dr. Matthew Colborn for a lecture exploring G.N.M. Tyrell’s proposed a theory of apparitions as ‘idea patterns’ generated by the brain by an unknown agency in light of recent neuroscience discoveries that shed light on Tyrell’s idea. Colborn’s talk will also takes a fresh look at ‘transmission’ theories of the brain:

March 29-30th, 2019 – Registration has opened for the 2nd International Congress of Health and Spirituality, hosted by the Núcleo de Pesquisa em Espiritualidade e Saúde (Nupes), Faculty of Medicine at the Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora:

May 10th-12th, 2019 – The 2019 Conference of the Open University Psychological Society will focus on the topic of parapsychology:

The Parapsychological Assocation has announced the 2019 dates for its annual convention – on July 4th-6th, 2019 the event will be held in Paris, France to honor the 100th anniversary of the Institut Métapsychique International. With Program Chair Ramsés D’León Macías and Arrangements Chair Mario P. Varvoglis, this event will bring together international researchers at the avant-garde of science:

June 25-28, 2019 – The Collegium Helveticum Zurich and Center for Consciousness StudiesUniversity of Arizona at Tucson will host the 2019 Science of Consciousness Conference in Interlaken – Switzerland:


– Research Requests and Calls for Papers –

If you have had an NDE, shared-death or after-death experience that you would like to share in the monthly column of our blog ILLUMINATING , please submit it for consideration to theuniversityofheaven@gmail.com

CFP – ‘Magic and Supernaturalism Today, Religions Special Issue – Dr. Randall Styler (University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill) is seeking articles that explore particular contemporary supernaturalist communities and practices, that reflect on the potency of labeling specific practices and beliefs as magical, and that consider the broader cultural dynamics at work in supernaturalism in the contemporary world:

The Society for the Academic Study of the Supernatural mailing list is intended as a place to share news and information relating to the study of the ‘supernatural’, broadly defined. You can subscribe by visiting the webpage at:

A Spanish language questionnaire has been added to the University of Northampton After Death Communication study being conducted by Dr. Callum Cooper:

The English language version is available here:

Neil Dagnall, Ken Drinkwater & Harvey Irwin, located at the Faculty of Health, Psychology & Social Care within Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), invite participants to take part in an online survey exploring the nature and formation of beliefs: 

The Estate of Ingo Swann has posted an ‘open invitation to anyone who experiences dreams, premonitions, visions about future events‘ to participate in The Prophecy Project database initiative to create a ‘central prophecy registry‘:

The Parapsychological Association has issued a Call for Papers for the 62nd Annual PA Convention in Paris, France:


– News, Interviews and Relevant Links –

BBS Radio, the station that airs the Forever Family Foundation’s Signs Of Life Radio every Thursday, has been destroyed in the fires that ravaged Paradise, California. The owners of the station were able to escape the fire and are now recouping. At this time, Signs of Life Radio will not be airing until further notice.

Meaningful Messages – Utilizing important messages from current research and clinical communities along with insights from Windbridge Certified Research Mediums, Dr. Julie Beischel, director of research at the Windbridge Research Center, has developed a meditation-type deck of 48 cards that provides a non-treatment-based means for continuing loving, inspiring relationships with deceased loved ones:

According to a research team led by Dr. Kim Innes (West Virginia University School of Public Health), meditation and listening to music may help to alter biomarkers associated with cellular aging and Alzheimer’s disease in adults experiencing memory loss (Neuroscience News):

The Near-Death Experience: Diagnosis and Treatment Of a Common Medical Syndrome – John C. Hagan III, editor for Missouri Medicine: The Journal of the Missouri State Medical Association, revisits a series of peer-reviewed articles on NDEs that appeared in the journal in 2015 and lead to the publication of the medical textbook, The Science of Near-Death Experiences (Clinical Oncology News):

Human evolution is still happening – possibly faster than ever –  Laurence D. Hurst Professor of Evolutionary Genetics at The Milner Centre for Evolution, University of Bath, joins The Conversation for a look at how current technological and environmental changes may be speeding up human evolution:

Could consciousness all come down to the way things vibrate? Tam Hunt, Affiliate Guest in Psychology, University of California, Santa Barbara joins The Conversation for a look at new research into the role of resonance in consciousness studies:

Why Study Mediumship? Lisette Coly, president of the Parapsychology Foundation and granddaughter of famed 20th century trance medium Eileen Garrett, revisits the work of Edward Carpenter, who played a major role in shaping Garrett’s understanding of her abilities:

Scientists and Engineers Have Paranormal Experiences Too! Greg Taylor at The Daily Grail presents an overview of a recent publication from Helane’ Wahbeh, Dean Radin, Julia Mossbridge, Cassandra Vieten and Arnaud Delorme:

Sleep Paralysis: A Personal Odyssey into an Apparently Paranormal Experience – Heidi Love provides a details examination of her sleep paralysis experiences for Skeptic Magazine:

Psychology Studies Only Cover 15% of the Global Population – The vast majority of what we know about human psychology and behavior comes from studies conducted with a narrow slice of humanity — college students, middle-class respondents living near universities, and highly educated residents of wealthy, industrialized, and democratic nations – leading researchers to ask – How Should We Define Normal? (Inverse):

Is time travel revolutionizing our understanding of manifestation, healing the past, and ESP? Harvey Bishop concludes his three part series – Are We Living Quantum Time Machines?

Dominican retreat leader blurs line between life and afterlife – An article from Catholic San Fransisco highlights how Fr. Nathan Castle is bringing applied mediumship into a Catholic context with his self-published book Afterlife, Interrupted: A Catholic Priest Explores the Interrupted Death Experience (Fluid Creations, 2018):

The Future of Meditation Research, Recommendations for Expanding the Field of Contemplative ScienceThe Institute of Noetic Science is hosting a self-study eLearning course featuring a series of lectures by experts in the field of meditation research suggesting potentially fruitful areas for expanding the science of meditation.:

Pseudo-Skepticism: A Case Study – Michael Grosso responds to Joe Nickell’s review of  The Man Who Could Fly: St. Joseph of Copertino and the Mystery of Levitation (Rowman & Littlefield, 2015 ), which appeared in Skeptical Inquirer, Vol. 42.4 (July/August 2018):

Nickell’s review can be read at the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry website – Secrets of ‘The Flying Friar’: Did St. Joseph of Copertino Really Levitate?:

The Space Less Traveled: The Story of Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell – Filmmaker’s Antares Davis and Cameron Jutte have started a crowdfunding campaign for a documentary based on the life and work of Edgar Mitchell:

Transformation Through Dying: The aftermath of near-death experiences – Steve Taylor (Leeds Becket University) provides an overview of striking long-term effects of Near Death Experiences (Psychology Today):

Psychic Powers at Play in Poker? Psi power or selective memory, professional poker player Ashley Adams weighs the odds for Poker News:

Conjuring up the dead: Helen Duncan and her ectoplasm spirits – Charlotte Hodgman, deputy editor for BBC History Magazine, takes a look at Spiritualist and medium Helen Duncan, “one of the 20th century’s most famous show-women.” (History Extra) https://www.historyextra.com/period/20th-century/helen-duncan-scotland-witch-ectoplasm-spirits/

Telepatia com cães, coelhos, papagaios… e outros estudos curiosos da Fundação Bial (Telepathy with dogs, rabbits, parrots … and other curious studies of the Bial Foundation) –  https://observador.pt/especiais/telepatia-com-caes-coelhos-papagaios-e-outros-estudos-curiosos-da-fundacao-bial/


– Papers and Journal Issues of Note –

Spiritually Transformative Experiences of Mediums. William Everist – Threshold: Journal of Interdisciplinary Consciousness Studies, [S.l.], v. 2, n. 1, p. 5-49, nov. 2018:

Response Bias in Research on Religion, Spirituality and Mental Health: A Critical Review of the Literature and Methodological Recommendations. Everton de Oliveira Maraldi – Journal of Religion and Health:

Methodology in Research on the Rainbow Body: Anthropological and Psychological Reflections on Death and Dying. Francis V. Tiso – Journal of Religion and Health, 2018:

How psychiatrists think about religious and spiritual beliefs in clinical practice: findings from a university hospital in São Paulo, Brazil. Maria C. Menegatti-Chequini, Everton de O. Maraldi, Mario F.P. Peres, Frederico C. Leão and Homero Vallada – Brazilian Journal of Psychiatry, ahead of print Epub, Nov 08, 2018:

Body in Ritual Space: Communication through embodied practices in religious ritual. Eva Kundtová Klocová – doctoral thesis. Masaryk University Faculty of Arts Department for the Study of Religions:

Observer Effects on Quantum Randomness: Testing Micro-Psychokinetic Effects of Smokers on Addiction-Related Stimuli. Markus A. Maier and Moritz C. Dechamps – Journal of Scientific Exploration, Vol. 32, No. 2, pp. 265–297, 2018:


–  Books, Excerpts and Reviews –

JOTT. When Things Disappear… and Come Back or Relocate – and Why It Really Happens – Robert Charman reviews Mary Rose Barrington’s new book for the Society for Psychical Research:

Dr. Leo Ruickbie is posting excerpts from his new book Angels in the Trenches Spiritualism, Superstition and the Supernatural During the First World War at:

Visualizing Intention: Art Informed by Science, by Mark Bocuzzi, executive director of the Windbridge Research Center, is available for free as a digital publication at the Windbridge Institute website:

Diabolical Possession and the Case Behind The Exorcist An Overview of Scientific Research with Interviews with Witnesses and Experts by Sergio A. Rueda, with foreword by Stanley Kripnner (McFarland Books, 2018):


– New Entries in the Psi-Encyclopedia –

The Global Consciousness Project (GCP):

Gladys Osborne Leonard (Trance Medium):


–  VIDEOS  –

Apparent ESP in Psychotherapy – Dr. Jim Carpenter discusses incidences of apparent ESP events during psychotherapy sessions at a recent talk for The Rhine Research Center:




Stargate Revisited – Ed May joins Jeffrey Mishlove on The New Thinking Allowed to revisit his role as  director during the U.S. Stargate Remote Viewing  program and discuss some of the insights into psychic functioning he’s gained through his research:

Third Eye Spies – Russel Targ joins Jeffrey Mishlove on The New Thinking Allowed and reviews the history of his work at SRI International, developing the remote viewing protocol for use by the CIA and various intelligence agencies:


– Featured Sounds –

Hypnoscapes (Totemtag, 2016) – an ambient composition from Massimo Teodorani, dedicated to ‘alternate dimensions’ of existence:


– Featured Photo –

–  Doctor’s Advice –

“All of my conclusions (about Psi) come from the laboratory.”

– Dr. Jim Carpenter, author of First Sight: ESP and Parapsychology in Everyday Life

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