Golgotha – New Painting from Haitian Artist Lesly Pierrepaul

Posted in > ART by David on October 6, 2018

Golgotha – Acrylic on Canvas – Lesly Pierrepaul – 2018

“In Haitian Vodou the Big G I made in the Cap represents the Ginen, the Ginen always made goods things, he healed the sick, cast out demons – Ginen is more powerful than the Houngan in the Mystic world, but in my painting he has another meaning – it represents Golgotha.

In the Bible they mentioned Jesus dead at Golgotha, then he resurrected after 3 days, so I took the same time to realize this painting .

It’s an Honor for me to do this painting for The Cult Of Golgotha Book

The Cult of Golgotha is Alive.”

– Haitian artist, Lesly Pierrepaul, director of the New Vision Art School in Port-au-Prince

Golgotha (Acrylic on Canvas, 2018) – realizing Dr. Reginald Crosley’s mission to support the Haitian arts has been one of the most powerful aspects of working with Craig Williams’ Cult of Golgotha material.

Dr. Crosley – best known for his incredible work of speculative spirituality, The Vodou Quantum Leap: Alternate Realities, Power and Mysticism – was an active participant in the Haitian Surrealist movement of the 1960’s. This incredible and expressive movement is alive today in the works of Haitian artists like Lesly Pierrepaul, who have been developing a unique contemporary vision of their culture and spiritual heritage.


Golgotha Exquisite Corpse created by New Vision Art School artists, 
Lesly, Rony and Wendy

Pierrepaul’s visionary art is central to Cult of Golgotha and his friendship is a rare blessing – and it is a blessing to be able to say that all of Craig Williams’ author proceeds from the sale of Cult of Golgotha are going directly to New Vision Art School to support Pirrepaul’s efforts to bring life to his community:

“I’m humbled and honored to see the Golgotha Doorway created by artist Lesly Pierrepaul! My book from Anathema Publishing, the “Cult of Golgotha” arrived in Haiti and within days Lesly created this radiant and powerful work entitled “Golgotha”!

It is so inspiring to see the magical Golgotha doorway being created! We must support the traditions and roots of the Spirit world! We must support traditional artists!

The Cult of Golgotha is Alive!”

– Craig Williams


Guéde dans Le cimetières avec les esprits et les morts (Guede of the cemetery with the spirits of the dead) – Lesly Pierrepaul

For inquiries regarding his work work you can contact him via Instagram or Facebook:



To read more about the creative expression of Cult of Golgotha, check out my guest post on Craig Williams’ blog:

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Or see the sidebar for links to some of the paintings in the Cult of Golgotha series.

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