Anti-Pop Mary and Other Iconographic Re-Imaginings from Dominique Dupree

Posted in > ART by David on October 6, 2018

Anti-Pop Mary – Our Mother of the Illusion of Form – an iconoclast creation from Dominique Dupree

“True vision. Disturbing and powerful.” – Norbert Kox, American visionary artist and founder of the Apocalypse House Museum of Visionary Art

Visionary artist Dominique Dupree has been re-imagining icons for an age of commercialized illusion. Developing her work through an ongoing conversation with our culture’s predominant spiritual and material assumptions.

As she describes with her piece titled “Praying the Blood”:

“It was inspired by the visceral imagery conjured up by the practice. 

I had these hands I picked up thrifting laying around forever and wanted to do something with them but nothing felt quite right…the imagery of praying of the blood down had been lodged in my mind.


Praying the Blood – an iconoclast creation from Dominique Dupree

I remember when I first heard of it and it really unnerved me, but I suppose that’s where so much art comes from…. I did some research for this, I learned the practice is discouraged in some circles of believers, but Luke 22:44 is argued as grounds for it’s legitimacy.”

Each piece repositions classic religious iconography through a direct engagement with recycled devotional objects – mixed media, glitter, and collage allowing these items to become gateways beyond the common assumptions associated with such familiar figures of faith.

She’s received incredible feedback, including humbling praise from the legendary artist Norbert Kox,  and it’s exciting to announce that she is opening her collection of recent works for sale.

Please contact davidbmetcalfe @gmail.com for more information!

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