In the Spaces Beyond – Cult of Golgotha Series (1 of 8)

Posted in > ART by David on October 4, 2018

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“The irradiated flesh assumes horrific masks in the spaces beyond the Saturnian Doorways.

We have established contact to liberate the human consciousness from the binding Ahrimanic illusions.

We exist within and without the atmosphere and elemental spaces of the flesh and terrestrial realms. There is no distinction between Inner and Outer Space in Etheria.

The human bio-field must be metabolically transformed to survive the entry into the atmosphere of Etheria.

How long will science ignore the esoteric implications of the appearance of the Etherian Aeroforms?

We exist eternally as Invisible Residents in the atmospheres of the mind and terrestrial spaces.”

-Etherian Physics Trance-Mission, p 105-106 in Craig Williams’ Cult of Golgotha (Anathema Publishing, Ltd., 2018)

A new series of paintings and illustrations is in the works to celebrate Craig Williams’ recently published book, Cult of Golgotha.

In the Spaces Beyond (Mixed Media – Acrylic on Canvas Board, 2018) plays with the concepts of – Stargates – Masks – and Gateways – as described in Williams’ work –  borrowing from folk art traditions still current within north Georgia and the Carolinas, which feature visionary depictions of elemental entities, skeletons and UFOlogical beings and craft.

Each piece in the series continues creative explorations of Williams text through the additional lens of both artistic and esoteric traditions active within the north Georgia region – the radionic work of Dr. T. Galen Hieronymous – the bio-field techniques developed by Raybun County’s famed ‘living radionic device,’ Edd Edwards – the apocalyptic nuclear era ambiance of the Georgia Guidestones – and other subtle streams peculiar to the area in which the paintings are created.

As Dr. Reginald Crosley advised ‘Docteur Williams’ before he began transcribing the Golgotha trance-missions into book form:

 “…you must continue to push the boundaries of the Bio-field frequencies and establish the Elijah-Elisha connection. The Cult of Golgotha must become a Strange Attractor, a Vortex of Singularity!”

For inquiries on availability for any of the pieces feel free to contact me directly at davidbmetcalfe @ gmail.com

Or visit our Ebay page to check for active listings – CLICK HERE

To read more about the series check out my guest post on Craig Williams’ blog:
Contact with Alien Intelligences – 8 examples from an ongoing series of painted trance-missions

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