UFOs, Religion, Technology — A (very short) introduction to American Cosmic

Posted in > ANALYSIS by David on April 27, 2018

The Milky Way seen from the mountains of Northern California/Lewiston Lake (Photo: Ben Chasny/6 Organs of Admittance)

“From a solid base of scholarship Dr. Pasulka introduces us to the players at the frontier of biological and physical research to pose some age-old questions in new ways: Can the human spirit transcend space/time? How will religious traditions be reframed when they collide with the long-suppressed evidence of non-human consciousness in our environment?

Her sharp insight is drawn from her research into spiritual phenomena, updated by her travels from the UFO crash sites of New Mexico to the archives of the Vatican.

The result is a timely introduction to the revelations in our collective future.”

— Jacques Vallee, author of The Heart of the Internet: An Insider’s View of the Origin and Promise of the On-Line Revolution (Hampton Roads, 2003)

When you are introducing a book that will quietly and drastically change our understanding of what it means to be human, and what the implications are for the current explosion of technological innovation in our global culture, it’s best to start out slow. So let’s begin with the promotional description from the book’s publisher, Oxford University Press:

More than half of American adults and more than seventy-five percent of young Americans believe in intelligent extraterrestrial life. This level of belief rivals that of belief in God. American Cosmic examines the mechanisms at work behind the thriving belief system in extraterrestrial life, a system that is changing and even supplanting traditional religions.

Over the course of a six-year ethnographic study, D.W. Pasulka interviewed successful and influential scientists, professionals, and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who believe in extraterrestrial intelligence, thereby disproving the common misconception that only fringe members of society believe in UFOs. She argues that widespread belief in aliens is due to a number of factors including their ubiquity in modern media like The X-Files, which can influence memory, and the believability lent to that media by the search for planets that might support life. American Cosmic explores the intriguing question of how people interpret unexplainable experiences, and argues that media is replacing religion as a cultural authority that offers believers answers about non-human intelligent life.

b7b70-15qlpkluy-g2xa-uqtwmc0aOk — now that you’ve digested that, let’s do a quick thought experiment:

You’ve read Oxford University Press’ description and you’ve let it sink in — go back and read the promotional blurb from Jacques Vallee again, he’s one of the ‘Silicon Valley entrepreneurs’ featured in Dr. Pasulka’s book.

Notice anything?

Do you find it strange that the OUP promo hedges a bit on the mundane side of things compared to the implications in Jacques Vallee’s endorsement?

”Stranger (still), the author discovers that technology does have connections to the paranormal, and the author’s interviews with technologists and her historical research into the Russian and American Space programs reveals the strange and perplexing origins of rocket technologies.

Pasulka draws on the latest research into digital and media technologies to reveal how the representation of the UFO passes into minds and bodies, informing memory, belief, and culture.”

— from the pre-publication preface for American Cosmic — UFOs, Religion, Technology (Oxford University Press, 2018)

The book is available for pre-order right now from OUP and the pre-publication preface is available on the American Cosmic website —by the end of the year you won’t “want to believe” — you’ll know more than you can possibly imagine:


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