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Help Support the Liminal Analytics: Applied Research Collaborative

Posted in Elucidations by David on April 13, 2014

Liminal Analytics Ad 2The Liminal Analytics: Applied Research Collaborative operates for the most part on a pro-bono basis. This allows us to approach interesting areas of culture without fear of their taboo nature or limited marketability.

In light of this unstable fiscal policy we’re working on a series of items that will help maintain the freedom we’ve been able to foster without relying on any contractual binds that might limit how we present our research.  Our first offering is a series of 23 minute long contemplative sound experiments called The Message.

We currently have 5 fine sonic selections available which refine the subtle sounds of field recordings, folk instruments and broken bits into an ambient investigation of north Georgia and the areas surrounding the Georgia Guidestones.

Your purchase of these tracks not only has the potential to lead you into the inestimable realms of pure joy, but your purchase also helps support our research and our efforts to enliven culture with a vital vision of liminal analytics.

Click Here – Listen to the Message

Click Here to read Adventures with Sound and Explorations Outside of Time which details the conceptual development behind The Message.


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