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Liminal Library Sale!

Posted in Elucidations by David on December 19, 2013

Each moment and its contents, consumed instantly in the fire of space’s expanse, is in immediate dissolution in the instant of coagulation. A supreme offering unto nothingness, here, suffused with gnostic aspiration.

David Chaim Smith

After some deep consideration, the managing executives at Liminal Analytics have decided to initiate some dramatic changes in operating procedures for 2014, and it seems like there is no time like the present to get things started with some immediate and decisive actions!

This past year we’ve been actively testing a theory of mediated research which highlights speed, mobility and immediate deployment, rather than grounded and static methodologies.  As part of this test, our managing director David Metcalfe has been traveling extensively throughout the midwest and eastern United States to attend and co-host events, conducting ambient ethnographic investigations into the outer edges of society and mind. In New York City he has co-hosted a number of events at the critically acclaimed Observatory Room in Brooklyn, with Shannon Taggart, a talented photographer whose work on the critical cusp of culture has been a long time inspiration to all of us here at Liminal Analytics.  He has also made frequent research trips to the Rhine Research Center in Durham, North Carolina, to attend seminars and meet some of the leading lights in parapsychology. In Chicago he presented the well received talk – ‘As We See Sound: Explorations of Audible Color’ – Visual Music 101.

What we’ve realized in all of this is that practice, contemplation and travel are more important than any of the materia that we’ve been accumulating to support our research back at the office. A brief conversation, a brilliant flash of inspiration, or a moment on the open road are worth more to us than amassing material goods no matter how valuable they are.

With the new Morbid Anatomy Museum, as well as the vital archives at the Rhine Research Center, Theosophical Society in Wheaton, Illinois, and the wonderful University libraries around the country (and the globe for that matter!) attempting to build a private research library doesn’t make a lot of sense. The resources can be used in other ways, and arranging a visit to the right venue provides much more value than amassing our own horde of material.  There are others out there who can make better use of it than we can at this point, and as an initial offering to our new procedural goals we’re offering up a significant portion of our library for sale to fund future endeavors.

To check out our first series of Amazon listings – Click Here

If you have any specific requests, or think that we might have something special in our collection that you would like, please feel free to contact David Metcalfe, Managing Director, via email at: davidbmetcalfe (at) gmail.com

It is with great thanks and deep appreciation that we offer up these books for sale, as all purchases go to help our ongoing self-funded research programs, visible, invisible and often liminally in-between!

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